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NSC Summer 2022 Newsletter

This summer has given us many hot days. Of course, our central A/C unit chose now to quit. This was an unexpected expense of over $10,000. We are asking for your help to help cover the cost. Every gift, big or small, gets us closer to reaching this goal. Together, we can accomplish much more than we can on our own. James came to NSC for assistance while we were waiting for our replacement A/C. He noticed the warm temperature in the building and asked about it. After hearing that our A/C was broken and needed to be repaired or replaced, he told us that he had a brand new window A/C unit that he wasn't using.

He decided to donate it to NSC so we could stay cool while we were waiting for the replacement A/C. We were so grateful for the donation! We love to see how people are happy to give back when they have been helped by NSC.


What have we been up to this summer at NSC?

Wednesdays have been busy this summer, as we've been giving free lunches to give in the Oxford Memorial Park. Many kids rely on a lunch provided by the school, so summer leaves a void. We have started this program to give those kids lunches one day a week. We only have a couple weeks of this program left until school starts again.

We held our 6th annual Golf Fundraiser on June 30th at Tanglewood Manor Golf Club. It was a beautiful day for a round of gold and a delicious meal, all in support of our programs. We hope you will join us next year!

Pictured here is our winning foursome team: Benjamin Bonner, Joe Grosso, Chris Morrison and Drew Mercaldo.


Interested in getting involved with NSC?

We are currently looking for volunteers to help with various tasks! We are specifically looking for volunteers with an interest in administrative work, marketing, photography, event planning, and working in the food pantry.

If you are interested in helping our programs thrive, email for more information!


We are collecting school supplies to help kids in need as we get closer to going back to school. Please drop any donations off during our business hours at 35 N 3rd Street, Oxford, PA.


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