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ABATE Food Drive

For the 29th year, the NSC Food Cupboard received a huge delivery thanks to the Chester County Chapter of the ABATE Motorcycle Club. ABATE, which stands for Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education, is a national non-profit organization that uses charitable activities and public education to support their mission of protection for the rights of motorcyclists.

This Dwight Wallace Memorial Motorcycle Food Run collects food through the donations of local citizens and businesses. The collection culminates in a group ride to deliver the food to the Oxford NSC Food Pantry, all the way to the shelves via a 'bucket brigade' style human chain to move about 23,000 pounds of food.

While food security is often on our minds during the holiday season, it is efforts like this that allow us to support our neighbors through the lean months of the summer. Sadly, even with this heroic effort, the shelves will be empty again in about 3 months without any more contributions, so consider donating today!

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